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Portal for your Dynamics 365 solution with Appfarm

There are many solutions to chose from when creating a portal/app for external users with data from Dynamics 365. It is often easy to chose Microsoft Power Apps and Power Pages to solve this need. But we see that there are solutions in the market that solves this with a lower cost, and with a better user experience for end users. 

Muleum has delivered several solutions using Appfarm as the tool to create apps and portal for external users. Appfarm is a no/low code solution from Norway, that makes us create user friendly apps and portals with data from Dynamics 365 or in combination with other backend systems or services. 

Please contact us so that we can provide a demo and a competitive alternative to your portal needs with Appfarm.  

Go from idea to working app in days

Dynamics 365

Image by AbsolutVision
Quickly go from Idea to prototype testing.

With Appfarm development we reccomend starting with a limited scope and time frame to quickly get up to speeed and verify that the tool and idea is worth more investment

We can within days/weeks delivere apps/websites tailored to your business case

Image by Daniel Korpai
Soft launch and testing

Verify with users outside the product team to get feedback and adjust the app and services in the app to make your offering better. 

With Appfarm apps we can quickly finetune your apps and continuously release improvements. 

Image by Brett Jordan
Release the App and iterate 

Muleum reccomends that we release a minimum version of the app to get continuos feedback and iterate on new services and improvements in the app. 

Muleum will follow you projects from idea -> Testing ->  Continous support 

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